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Glycidol is an organic compound that contains an epoxy as well as an alcohol functionality. Replacement of epichlorohydrin in a wide area of applications is forseen. Advantages are the absence of chlorine and a 100% biobased molecule.

Because of this bi-functionality, the molecule has wide industrial applications. The molecule is slightly unstable and its appearance is a slight viscous liquid at room temperature.

So far the availability has been limited because of the difficult process route. We apply a new route, leading to higher commercial attractiveness and thus more attractive to the industry if compared to the epichlorohydrin route.

Glycidol has, due to its versatile functionality, multiple applications in the industry. This varies from Pharma to hydraulic fluids and from Urethanes to epoxyresins.

The total absence of Chlorine/Epichlorohydrin and Bisphenol A (epoxyresins), makes our product unique in the market.

Blue Bear Chemicals has an exclusive agreement with Ceimici Novel for the Sales and Marketing of their Glycidol which is produced with 100% sustainable resources. Conventional methods make use of the chlorine route. Our chosen route results in a 100% absence of chlorine pollution.

Glycidol applications:

  • Epoxies
  • Chemical intermediate,
  • Synthesis of Glycerol, glycidyl ethers, esters and amines
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Sanitary chemicals
  • Gelation Agent in solid propellants
  • Additive in synthetic hydraulic fluids
  • Reactive diluent in epoxy systems
  • Stabilizer for natural oils and vinyl polymers
  • Dye levelling agent
  • Many more....

Please check some interesting literature on Glycidol applications: Significance and use of Glycidol

Please also check the technical data sheets below or in our download section. Here you will also find detailed business cases with examples of glycidol applications.

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Glycidol TDS download

Glycidol TDS download

Glycidol technical datasheet - v1.4

Significance and use of glycidol

Significance and use of glycidol

Lliterature on use and applications of Glycidol

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