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Nanjing Union Silicone Chemical Co (USi) is a manufacturer of Silane Coupling agents. USi has a continuous and strong focus on R&D, new molecules and developments. 

The basis of their product-lines is Organo-Ethoxysilanes that find their way in Coatings, Adhesives, Sealants and other markets.

USi produces amongst others :

  • Chlorine – silane
  • Amine – silane
  • Cyanide – silane
  • Mercapto – silane

Samples, documentation and prices are available upon request.

Blue Bear Chemicals

Maarse en Kroonhof 51
1431 PC Aalsmeer
The Netherlands.

Tel. +31 (0)297 36 70 71
Tel. +31 (0)6 5520 47 43

Chemical Sourcing Solutions

Our service goes beyond 'just' supplying chemicals.
We work closely with you on single sourcing challenges, chemical outsourcing and cost savings in procurement.