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Biodiesel Technology

Blue Bear Chemicals can offer various new technologies that help improve Biodiesel production.

Biodiesel production itself is a fairly simple process: transesterification of a triglyceride with Methanol. The FAME/Methanol phase is separated from the Glycerol phase and next the MeOH/FAME phase is separated.  Trouble shows when the feedstock is not in line with ideals, the catalyst shows unwanted side-effects, the glycerol is not as pure as wanted and the Methanol does not separate as easy and efficient.  The cause for inefficient processing in general is the soap formation.

For all these hurdles to overcome, CeimiciNovel has developed the following technologies

Smart Modifier Technology

This technology lowers the FFA (Free Fatty Acid) content of your Crude feedstock.  This way, soap formation downstream  is reduced and process efficiency is improved.

Smart Catalyst Technology

By applying a new catalyst, the formation of soap is eliminated leaving an efficient transesterification process that can increase capacity of your existing plant by a factor two. Smart catalyst acts as a true catalyst and thus does not react.

Smart Processing Technology

This technology focusses on the recovery of Methanol. By applying, we ensure full MeOH recovery and elimination of reverse reactions. We can achieve this by only minimal piping modification and leaves the current plant intact.


The result of implementing these technologies will be the opportunity to increase capacity by a factor 2 and gives you a glycerol purity of over 95%.


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